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You've found my personal portal to action, adventure, mystery, and humor.   I'm working hard to create entertainment for all ages and interests.   Click one of the links below to join in the fun!

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Coming soon -- The Nerd Nook

Once I have each of my creative properties up-and-running, I'll start offering original artwork, merchandise, etc. in a storefront site called The Nerd Nook. Please join my mailing list (once it's available) to ensure you don't miss the grand opening celebration!

Upcoming Appearances and Conventions

The list below reflects my confirmed appearances for 2017. Please stop by to see me if you're in the area for autographs, sketches, commissions, free gifts, and more! I'm always happy to meet-up with fans, friends, or family and I'm more than willing to share my experiences with emerging artists. Can't wait to see you there!!

About the Creator - Dan Cassity

Here's where you can learn more about my life, my jobs, my experiences, and my art.

Contact me!

Got questions about my art or commission requests? Contact me via email at dancassity@gmail.com. I'd like to hear from you -- all constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.